Benefits Of A Long Bed Pickup Truck

When you visit a local truck dealership with the goal of buying a new pickup truck, one of the many things that you'll need to consider is how long you want the bed of the truck to be. Trucks are available with beds of several different lengths. One style that you can expect to see is a long bed, which is the longest option on the market. Thinking about how you plan to use this method of transportation can help you estimate what bed length might be right for you. Here are some benefits of having a pickup truck with a long bed.

Ability To Carry Longer Items

The biggest benefit of having a long bed pickup truck is the extra amount of storage space in the vehicle. With a long bed, you'll be able to properly carry a wide variety of items that simply won't fit in shorter truck beds. For example, certain pieces of lumber will be too long for other truck beds but can fit tidily in a long bed pickup truck. These beds offer considerably more square footage than other models, so regardless of what you need to carry, you'll have more space to do so.

No Need For A Bed Extender

A lot of people who have short bed pickup trucks equip their vehicles with bed extenders. This is an aftermarket accessory that mounts to the rear of the bed to essentially make it longer — thus allowing you to carry longer things. Buying a truck bed extender, however, presents an extra cost for you. Additionally, during times that you don't need to use this accessory, you'll need to store it in your garage where it will take up a lot of space. With a long bed truck, you'll avoid these issues.

Driving With The Tailgate Up

Some truck owners who need to carry oversized items will simply lower the tailgate of their trucks. Long pieces of lumber and other items can then sit on the lowered tailgate and extend outward behind the truck. While this approach can work, it's not without its drawbacks. For example, there's a risk of certain items falling out of the truck while you're driving. Should this happen and cause damage to another vehicle, you'd be liable. With a long bed, you'll virtually always be able to drive in a safe manner with the tailgate up. For more information, contact a dealership that has trucks like Toyota trucks for sale

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