Keeping Your New Jeep Wrangler Clean

The Jeep Wrangler is built for people who like to go on adventures and who also like to keep their Jeeps as clean as possible. The vehicle has been outfitted with an interior that is among the easiest car interiors to clean. The real trick for you is ensuring that the mechanisms that allow you to clean so easily don't become clogged or otherwise obstructed.

Keep a Handheld Vacuum Nearby

One of the great features of the 2020 Jeep Wrangler is a water-resistant interior with drain valves that actually allow you to hose down the interior of your Jeep. However, if a lot of dirt and larger debris have gotten into the Jeep, it's better to remove what you can before trying to wash it all down through the valves. You can end up clogging even large valves if you aren't careful. When it's time to clean, use a handheld vacuum to remove as much loose dirt and debris as possible, and then hose down the interior of the Jeep.

Know Where the Drain Valves Are

Next, keep inspecting and cleaning out those drain valves. Mud can dry on the valve and make it hard to open and close, and if you forgot to vacuum before hosing things down, there could be debris stuck in there that you missed before because you were tired when you cleaned. Be sure you know exactly where each drain valve is as well as how to open and close it. These valves are one way, so you shouldn't have water from the road splashing up and into the Jeep.

Always Close Up the Jeep When Parking It

Part of the Jeep's allure is the ability to open up the Jeep to the elements. You can drive with the sun shining on you and the wind in your hair. However, if you park the Jeep, even if you're going to stay near it, close it up. Otherwise, wind can blow leaves and dust into the interior, which only increases the size of your cleaning job. At the very least, close the top and the side windows. (And of course, if you're going to leave the Jeep and not have it in your sight, close it up for security reasons.)

The 2020 Jeep Wrangler is an excellent vehicle for those who both need to get around town and out of town. The ease with which you can maintain the interior only sweetens the deal. Contact a dealership to learn more about the new Jeep Wrangler

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