Should You Buy A New Or Used Dump Trailer For Your Landscaping Business?

Dump trailers are an ideal piece of equipment when you don't want a dump truck to load and dump large landscaping loads, such as gravel, manure, wood chips, boulders, and more, but you need more than a classic trailer to complete jobs. Using hydraulics to lift and dump, dump trailers add convenience to your landscaping needs and help you complete projects in a timely and efficient manner.

An auto dealer that specializes in heavy equipment, farm and utility machinery, and heavy-duty trucks and vehicles will have dump trailers for sale. Whether you should buy a new or used dump trailer for your landscaping business is dependent upon a few factors, of which you'll explore in more detail here.

How often you use your dump trailer

How often do you plan on using your dump trailer? If you are anticipating making your dump trailer part of your everyday operation, then buy a new dump trailer for sale. You'll be covered under a manufacturer's warranty and have the benefit of knowing the unit was brand-new and free of mechanical or superficial flaws when the dump trailer was purchased. Since the unit will depreciate over time, the larger investment in the new unit will be more likely to come back to you with the number of landscaping jobs you'll be able to complete with the equipment.

If you don't plan on using your dump trailer that often, buying an older unit to get by will meet your needs. Both new and used models of dump trailers can be looked at to help you make your final decision on what's best for your landscaping business.

How large your budget is

If you have a smaller budget and don't want to have regular payments on a dump trailer, or if you've factored in exactly how much your landscaping business can afford on a monthly payment and your equipment budget is tight, consider used dump trailers over new ones. Your auto dealer will assist you in comparing used dump trailers within your budget to newer models.

The older the dump trailer or the more wear the unit has, the more depreciation it has already. In buying a used dump trailer, you avoid much of the depreciation value and pay the current value for the equipment instead. Your auto dealer will show you the dump trailer maintenance history — if applicable — of any used dump trailer for sale in their lot.

For more information about dump trailers, contact a dealer in your area.

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