What To Know About Buying A Semi Trailer For RV Projects

When you think of a semi trailer and semi trailer dealerships, you may think of the commercial uses for the vehicles. There is an increasing number of people who have found the benefits of using these trailers to create custom designed RV options for long-term and long-distance travel. If this is a project you are considering, there are a few things you need to know about buying the vehicle that will suit your project needs. 

Flooring Reinforcement

The first step in choosing a semi trailer is to buy one that has a reinforced floor or has the ability to have the flooring reinforced. This is vital since you will likely be dividing the trailer into living spaces, adding some form of plumbing, and creating a power source station for either solar panels or other forms of power during your travels. The flooring of the trailer must be able to withstand that weight and the weight of daily living that long-term RV travel entails. You can determine if the flooring of the semi trailer is suitable by asking the weight limits on the trailer. The dealership can give you these specs.

Enclosure Integrity

The enclosure of the trailer is also vital when you are considering an RV conversion project. The enclosure deals with not only the floor, but also the walls and ceiling of the trailer. Keep in mind, some trailers are suitable for much heavier hauling than an RV conversion requires. However, they may be equipped with a lightweight ceiling that is not suitable for living or long-term living situations. You will need to ensure you have a metal-based enclosure. You will also need to ensure that the enclosure can hold up to construction and alterations for doors, windows, and skylights.

State Qualifications

Some states may have specific rules and guidelines for your completed RV. These rules may deal with the length of the finished project. Other rules may deal with the plumbing, power sources, or with where you can park the finished RV during your travels. You will also need the proper credentials such as state licensing qualifications, like CDL licenses. You will need to check with your state agencies prior to starting your project and buying the semi. 

If you still think using a semi trailer for your RV project may be ideal, contact a semi trailer dealership such as Ruble Truck Sales Inc. They can help you with the right size trailer and with questions you have regarding materials. They can also help with questions regarding towing laws and laws that would pertain to the use of the trailer prior to the RV conversion and following the conversion as well.

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