What To Do If Your New-Used Car Is A Terrible Color

Finding the right used car — one that runs well, needs little work, and is the right price — isn't that easy. Many people turn to auto dealers to find these cars, whether they're certified pre-owned or older cars from a dealership that sells nothing but used cars. The search can take a while, and when you find that one car that fits your needs, you don't want to let go.

Unless, of course, the car is a terrible color. Maybe the color doesn't bother you so much, but many people are not that happy with weirder paint jobs. So what do you do if the car you need comes with a cosmetic issue?

Repaint It

Initially, the obvious path is to buy the car and take it to a body shop you respect to get it repainted. This is one of the simplest routes but can also be expensive. A good paint job costs a lot of money, and on a much older car, the paint job could cost more than the car itself did. You may also be limited in the colors you can get, but that will vary greatly between shops. If you don't mind spending that money and waiting another week or so to drive the car around, this is likely the best option.

Have the Dealer Repaint It

Some used-car dealers do not have the resources to fully repaint a car. Yet others do, especially full car dealerships that have their own full service centers. You could try asking the dealer to repaint the car and renegotiate the price based on that work. It will cost you more, but you can try to get a better deal on the repainting price because you're essentially taking a car off their hands that might not get a second look from others because of that color.

Keep It

It is possible that keeping the car the color it is will work out. Sometimes, less common colors like orange can actually up the resale value, if you ever need to sell the car, just because those colors are so rare — and they do have their fans.

The color should be the least of your worries when searching for a used vehicle as the safety and longevity of the car are more important. However, once you decide to buy it, cosmetic issues do start to affect how you feel about the car. Talk to the dealer about potential options if you find you want a car that ended up an interesting shade.

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