How To Keep Your New Car Looking Fresh

Getting a new car can make you feel like a baller. Not only do you get to drive around and show off your new whip, but it can make everyday life a whole lot more enjoyable. Rather than dealing with things like cracked leather, broken seatbelts, and windows that never roll down and go back up, you don't have to worry about any of that with a new car. Keeping your car looking like new for a long time won't just make you feel happy about your investment, but it can also help you get more out of it if you ever go to resell it. Rather than being one of those friends or people who don't let anybody sit on the seats unless there's a towel on it, there are some other more realistic things you can do to keep your car looking fresh for longer. 

Try Covered Parking

If you live in an apartment complex, splurging for underground or covered parking is going to save your new car's paint from a ton of damage. With things like tree sap and bird droppings that can constantly fall on your car and cause permanent paint damage if you park on the street, paying a little bit extra every month for covered parking will definitely pay off. If your work offers covered parking, then also consider getting a parking pass so that you don't have to deal with similar damage. 

Use the Right Cleaning Products

It's no secret that keeping your car clean is going to make it look fresh, but if you're using household cleaners on your leather and vinyl, you're going to notice things like cracks and scratches a lot sooner. Make sure that you invest in products that are designed specifically for car detailing and be careful with how you use them. For instance, if you have leather seats, you will want to use a leather polisher to help seal the leather and keep it moist so it doesn't' crack, but you won't want to use that same cleaner on the vinyl because it will make it look like it has product caked on it. Using separate cleaners for every part of your car is really going to make everything look nice and last a lot longer. 

You don't want to be one of those people who won't let your friends eat or drink in your car because they might mess up the interior. Keep these tips in mind to be more realistic and to help enjoy your new ride. 

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